How can universities and colleges keep critical services running smoothly during clearing and enrolment?

There’s never a ‘good’ time to suffer a cyber attack, but there are certainly a few dates in the year when the financial and reputational effects of a website or email failure will be more damaging than others. One of those key periods is approaching right now for the higher and further education sector: clearing and […]

The future of your cyber security incident response team

Author: David Batho, Head of Incident Response Formerly known as Janet CSIRT, exciting new changes are underway. The cyber landscape is changing, and so has our purpose as an incident response team. Ransomware and phishing attacks are significant threats to education. Therefore, we need to be proactive, partner with our members and provide accurate and […]


GEANT webinar on DDoS attacks

Between the 8th and 17th of February 2021 GEANT are running a series of webinars on DDoS attacks, including Introduction to DDoS attacks Details of specific attacks Detecting attacks Mitigating attacks Participation is free of charge to all NRENs and their constituents. The courses are aimed at network and system administrators, as well as security […]

Cyber security awareness month

Have you spent the last few months wondering: How can I create a strong password? What is smishing? How could ransomware impact me? What are the signs of a phishing email? Well this year GÉANT joins the European Cyber Security month, an initiative launched by ENISA, EC DG CONNECT and a variety of partners to […]