‘What if…?’. It’s business continuity awareness week!

Business continuity is all about asking ‘what if…?’ What if this fails? Or what if this becomes unavailable? What if we need a back-up plan? The theme for 2022 The Business Continuity Institute’s theme for this year is building resilience in the hybrid world. No one needs three guesses as to why this theme has […]

New year, new password – but not if you’re already doing it right

Author: Jon Trickey, Information security officer Intro “Change your password regularly” is a frequently heard piece of password advice. However, enforcing password expiry can result in users making small, predictable changes to their existing password (for example, winter2021 > spring2022), rather than choosing an entirely new one.  This has the opposite effect to the one […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021

After great success during October 2020, GÉANT are launching a similar initiative for cyber security awareness month 2021. They have collaborated with other organisations within the National Research and Education Network (NREN) to organise a fantastic calendar of activities throughout October following the theme: Cyber Hero @ home.   GÉANT will be focusing on the following topics, providing useful information through blogs, videos, presentations and more:  Week 1 (4-10 October): Be aware […]

Cyber security awareness month

Have you spent the last few months wondering: How can I create a strong password? What is smishing? How could ransomware impact me? What are the signs of a phishing email? Well this year GÉANT joins the European Cyber Security month, an initiative launched by ENISA, EC DG CONNECT and a variety of partners to […]