Expert support to gain Cyber Essentials certification

Author: Tracy Matthews, cyber security assessment manager, Jisc Expert support to gain cyber essentials certification Jisc’s Cyber Essentials service is a trusted way to obtain and renew your cyber essentials certificate. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification that will help your organisation provide protection against the most common cyber attacks. Give your stakeholders confidence in […]

Implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) for students at NCG

By Hannah Marshall, Director of Information and Data Services at NCG On Thursday 30th September NCG implemented MFA on Microsoft 365 for all students, no exceptions. You might think why not a phased rollout? With over 40,000 student accounts in our Microsoft Tenancy across our seven colleges we simply couldn’t resource a phased rollout, and to […]

Initial Access Broker Landscape

An initial access broker specialises in gaining access to target organisations before selling that access on underground marketplaces. Ransomware groups commonly purchase this access from them. Curated Intelligence have written a blog post showing how information flows between the different parties involved this work.