Ransomware Scare – Halloween Special

Ransomware steals headlines year on year. ‘The Uninvited’ malware can cause quite the fright, especially if it ‘Comes at Night’ and encrypts your data; restricting access to computers files and systems before requesting payment. No organisation or sector is immune. Since the first ever ransomware attack believed to be in 1989, it’s become one of the fastest growing malware, used to extort […]

Jisc’s vulnerability disclosure policy, the first 1,000 days

Jisc launched its vulnerability disclosure policy in February 2019. The policy was drawn up using ISO 29147:2018, and using guidance from other organisations, most notably NCSC-NL. Here, we look back at some of the trends and successes, as well as the lessons we’ve learned and what we have planned in future. The policy encourages external […]

The future of your cyber security incident response team

Author: David Batho, Head of Incident Response Formerly known as Janet CSIRT, exciting new changes are underway. The cyber landscape is changing, and so has our purpose as an incident response team. Ransomware and phishing attacks are significant threats to education. Therefore, we need to be proactive, partner with our members and provide accurate and […]