Initial Access Broker Landscape

An initial access broker specialises in gaining access to target organisations before selling that access on underground marketplaces. Ransomware groups commonly purchase this access from them. Curated Intelligence have written a blog post showing how information flows between the different parties involved this work.

The future of your cyber security incident response team

Author: David Batho, Head of Incident Response Formerly known as Janet CSIRT, exciting new changes are underway. The cyber landscape is changing, and so has our purpose as an incident response team. Ransomware and phishing attacks are significant threats to education. Therefore, we need to be proactive, partner with our members and provide accurate and […]

Remote access and Zero Trust

For those of you who aren’t also following Jisc’s Cloud Blog, you may not have seen a post from Richard Jackson (Jisc’s Lead Cloud Security Specialist) on Remote access and Zero Trust. The post at delves into how organisations should handle remote access securely and contains useful advice that can help mitigate against some […]