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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021

After great success during October 2020, GÉANT are launching a similar initiative for cyber security awareness month 2021. They have collaborated with other organisations within the National Research and Education Network (NREN) to organise a fantastic calendar of activities throughout October following the theme: Cyber Hero @ home 

GÉANT will be focusing on the following topics, providing useful information through blogs, videos, presentations and more: 

  • Week 1 (4-10 October): Be aware of cybercrime 
  • Week 2 (11-17 October): Protect your network 
  • Week 3 (18-24 October): Protect your devices 
  • Week 4 (25-31 October): Protect your identity 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and share good cyber security practices with colleagues, friends and family so do keep an eye on their Twitter account @GEANTtnews for updates. 

We find it’s also a great opportunity for the information security team to raise awareness internally at Jisc. The team usually makes use of our internal communication channels such as intranet blogs, regular updates to colleagues and posts on our work social media to raise awareness on each topic. This year the team will be following GÉANT’s campaign whilst providing complementary content more specific to our staff to promote the importance of cyber security awareness. 

Another great opportunity to focus on cyber security is also just around the corner. Jisc’s annual security conference will be running between 9-11 November. The program is now live and is open to national and international delegates from education and research. Check out our website for more information and to book your tickets: 

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