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Securing Azure Virtual Desktop

The Jisc Cloud team has penned another security-related post that readers may be interested in:

In this post, Neil Sayer, Jisc’s Azure Solutions Architect, explains some of the ways that you can secure Azure Virtual Desktop deployments (or Windows Virtual Desktop as it used to be called).

The post recommends the following points:

* Use Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access
* Microsoft provide a good guide on how to set this up.
* Avoid direct RDP access to hosts
* Enable Azure Security Center and improve Secure Score
* Use RemoteApps
* Limit network access
* Enable endpoint protection
* Patch your operating system and applications
* Profile containers and private endpoint
* Use the FSLogix rule builder
* Configure inactivity and disconnection policies
* Manage administrative rights
* Use process automation

Read more at Securing Azure Virtual Desktop

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